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Hillandale Quality Feeds interiorLocated just off State Road 121 in Lake Butler Florida is family owned and operated Hillandale Quality Feeds. Built on the ideals of producing the perfect blends of grains and commodities to provide the best nutrition for animals.

Our History

It all began in the late 1960s, when our founder was co-owner of poultry laying houses in Lake City and Middleburg, Florida.  They provided eggs to the first Publix in the Jacksonville area. As business picked up they began increasing egg farms and production in Florida and Georgia.

Before long, there was a need for a feed mill near a railway to bring in bulk ingredients to mix efficient and affordable poultry feeds. Feed production started in 1970 after the mill construction was complete. Initially, the mill was for bulk production of feed for the egg operation.  Before long the mill started selling bulk feed to members of the community.

In 1980 Hillandale began bagging poultry feed as well as expanding the types of feed they produced. Research and testing of our products in the industry have always been important to us.  We began doing this with producers years ago as products evolved. Over the years, the formulas that were developed at Hillandale were researched and tested in the industry. Adjusting to make sure the blends delivered the nutrition needed for animals to reach their optimal potential.

In 2005 the name became Hillandale Quality Feeds and additional lines from various manufactures feeds were added to increase the feed available for all animal species.

We also have a retail area that includes animal health, livestock, pet, roping, tack, and barn supplies. You will find fencing materials, feeders, and other livestock industry related products in our outside area.

Today HQF produces about 16,000 tons of 50-pound bags a year in addition to the bulk feed produced. These feeds include poultry, swine, cattle, goat, and horse feeds.




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