Bova Beef Cattle Minerals

Furst-McNess Quality Furst-McNess makes it convenient to feed distiller’s grains with Bova Tubs™, and loose minerals with Bova Beef Cattle Minerals.  Moreover, you already know the advantages and cost savings of using distillers grains. Furthermore, it is easier to feed your herd.

Feed McNess Bova Beef Series Minerals to provide vitamins and minerals essential to the health and productivity of your beef cattle.  Simply match your needed level of phosphorus with the right Bova Beef Free Choice Mineral Products.

Prefer mineral tubs, Hillandale also carries mineral tubs.  Therefore, put the pre-filled tubs in the back of your pickup and take them where they’re needed.  On the whole, It is a free-choice supplement with added vitamins and minerals.  It’s for pasture or roughage rations and used for continuous feeding.

At any rate, the expected intake is 1-3 pounds per head per day. Specifically, the tubs are 200-pounds and should be fed within 100 days of the manufacturer date.  The McNess tubs contain a combination of protein sources.

Bova Beef Series Minerals

Hi Mag Mineral

Great for cattle during winter months that are on ryegrass. Products are designed for 3-4 ounce daily consumption. They contain high levels of vitamins and trace minerals. Moreover, feed McNess Bova Beef Minerals right from the bag. No mixing required.

Southeastern Breeder Mineral

Range Mineral

To improve general health and improve breeding efficiency, begin by feeding McNess Southeastern Breeder Mineral 60 days prior to calving. Continue to feed through the end of the breeding season. Southeastern Breeder Mineral can be fed year-round to maintain a higher plain of nutrition.

This product supplies the full requirements of minerals and high levels of vitamins A, D, and E.


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