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Proveceta Advanced for dogs

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Proveceta Advanced for dogs is effective and affordable Provecta Advanced for Dogs REPELS ticks, fleas, and mosquitos in addition to killing them, to reduce the potential for these pests hitching a ride into your home. Provecta Advanced for Dogs is once-a-month topical prevention and treatment for dogs seven weeks and older that contains the same […]

Equine Fly Control

Friday, June 19th, 2020

Its that time of year when Flies start to become a real nuisance. When we start to see an increase in flies and insects. Hillandale Quality Feeds can assist you with all of your equine fly control needs. We have a number of options for you to choose from. Endure – available in gallon and […]

Cattle Fly Control

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

Cattle Fly Control options available at Hillendale Quality Feeds. Ways to control flies on beef cattle are more diverse than ever. Natural and biological practices now offer options along with chemical control methods of pour-ons, sprays, dust bags, back rubbers, and insecticide ear tags Horn flies, face flies, and stable flies are not just irritants […]

Seminole Wellness

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Seminole Wellness Seminole Wellness is a complete line of scientifically formulated, low-starch premium horse feeds. Moreover, in the early 1990s, Seminole Feed® began researching the benefits of low- starch equine feeds.  Furthermore, research shows that low-starch horse feeds are a better choice for hyperactivity. Also, they are beneficial with laminitis and colic, and tying-up. In […]

Creep Feeding Calves

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Deciding whether or not you creep feeding calves is for you is often a question producers face. Also known as “pre-weaning supplementation,” creep feeding supplements unweaned calves with a feed that the mother does not have access to. Should you evaluate your cost and determine that creep feeding is right for you, Hillandale Quality Feed […]

McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6

Thursday, May 28th, 2020

Have fly problems in your cattle? Be proactive with natural fly control by providing your cattle with McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6 with Altosid mineral. To begin with, The McNess Beef Program is designed to provide vitamin and mineral nutrition to all groups of beef cattle. Moreover, all products feature high-quality ingredients, high levels […]

Horse Deworming

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

We’ve all heard about the dangers related to gastrointestinal equine parasites along with the many myths associated with horse deworming. Furthermore, deworming can be a little confusing and sometimes overwhelming.  Such as,  completely understand the impact of intestinal worms, the most common of equine diseases. Horses typically get worms when turned out with previously infected […]

Diatomaceous earth

Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Diatomaceous earth is a valuable mineral for agriculturists to improve farm life for animals and for themselves. This unique mineral has a high porosity, is inorganic, and has an impressive absorptive capacity. There are many difficulties we must face when farming and growing crops. These issues come at us in many ways, each often requiring […]

Spring Chicks

Wednesday, April 15th, 2020

Its that time of year, time to start those Spring Chicks off right. Hillandale Quality Feeds is your baby chick headquarters. We have everything you need in order to raise healthy chickens. At Hillandale Quality Feeds we understand that producing quality eggs and meat your birds have to consume the quality feed. That’s why we […]




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