Equine Fly Control

Its that time of year when Flies start to become a real nuisance. When we start to see an increase in flies and insects. Hillandale Quality Feeds can assist you with all of your equine fly control needs. We have a number of options for you to choose from.

  • Endure – available in gallon and qt
  • Bronco – available in gallon, and qt
  • Pyranha – wipe and spray qt options available
  • Simplify – feed-thru fly control with LarvaStop
  • Repel X- we carry the gallon refill and qt size.
  • Permectrin CDS Pour-On  1/2 gallon and 16 oz sizes available

Endure Fly Spray 

Endure Fly Spray by Farnam is a sweat-resistant fly spray for horses. The unique formula keeps on working – even in wet conditions such as sweat and rain. Protect your horse from biting and nuisance flies, gnats and deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease

Product Details:Endure Fly Spray

  • A sweat-resistant formula that stays on and keeps working, even in wet conditions.
  • The only fly spray with RepeLock, an exclusive conditioner that binds to the hair shaft, locking in Endure’s fly repellency for up to 14 days.
  • Protects against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, ticks, and lice.
  • Repels and kills deer ticks that may transmit Lyme Disease.
  • It contains cypermethrin and pyrethrins.
  • It also contains sunscreen to protect your horse’s coat.
  • The unique ready-to-use formula stays active even in wet conditions or when your horse sweats

Bronco Equine Fly Spray

Bronco Equine Fly Spray is a staple for every stable. Kills six fly species, gnats, ticks, deer ticks, fleas, chiggers, and lice! Insecticide and repellent for use on horses, ponies, foals, and in horse barns and stables.

Product Details:Bronco Fly Spray

  • Kills and repels stable, horse, face, deer, house and horn flies, gnats, ticks, fleas, chiggers and lice
  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Ready-to-use, water-based formula
  • Pleasant citronella scent
  • Insecticide and repellent for use on horses and in horse barns and stables
  • Contains Prallethrin, Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide
  • Available in 32 oz. ready-to-use spray and gallon sizes


Repel-X Insecticide and Repellent was the first fly spray on the market in 1957 and continues to remain a customer favorite. The ready-to-use, water-based formula kills and repels six fly species, ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes. Use it as a spray or wipe it on.


Product Details: 

  • Kills and repels stable, horse, face, deer, house and horn flies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas, chiggers and lice
  • For use on horses, dogs and their premises
  • Contains Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical and Permethrin


Permectrin CDS Pour-On Insecticide

It can be used on horses and foals as a wipe-on or as a ready-to-use spray, by applying 8-16 mL by following the label. Apply as a pour-on, mist, spray, or back rubber. Apply 2 mL per 100 lb body wt with a maximum of 20 mL per animal for cattle.

Product Details:

  • lice, horn and face flies
  • horse and stable flies
  • mosquitoes and black flies

Simplify Feed-Thru Fly Control

Get a jump start on fly control. Start your horse on SimpliFly® Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop™ early in the spring and continue throughout the summer until cold weather restricts fly activity. Break the fly life cycle by preventing the development of mature adults.



Product Details: 

  • Prevents the development of house and stable flies in manure when horses are continually treated
  • Highly palatable; just add to horse’s feed
  • Contains no organophosphates
  • Only equine feed-thru fly control granted reduced-risk pesticide status by the EPA
  • Contains Diflubenzuron
  • Available in 3.75 lb., 10 lb., 20 lb. and 50 lb. sizes

Pyranha Fly Spray Wipe N Spray Gallon

Pyranha Wipe N‘ Spray: Is a pyrethrum-based formula that is applied directly to the animal. This ready-to-use product provides fly protection and imparts a high shine to the hair when brushed out. A favorite of show horse owners, effective protection results from only 2 ounces per head.

Pyranha Fly Spray Wipe N Spray Gallon

Wipe N’ Spray™Wipe N’ Spray is citronella scented and contains lanolin as a coat conditioner. Kills and repels biting flies, mosquitoes, and gnats.

Product Details: 

  • Triple Action – Kills, Repels, and Conditions
  • Contains lanolin as a coat conditioner
  • Pleasant citronella scent

Kills and Repels:

  • Stable Flies
  • House Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Horn Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Face Flies
  • Gnats


Fly control keeps your horse comfortable. But that’s not the only reason to minimize flies. Flies and other biting insects pose a major health risk to your horse and you. They carry a number of dangerous diseases that become more of a problem as fly populations increase. Flies live, feed, and breed in filth, where germs, bacteria and communicable diseases thrive. Good hygiene is critical to keeping flies and other problems under control.


Start your fly control program early to keep fly populations down all season. It’s easier and more economical to prevent a heavy fly build-up than to fight it. Effective fly control means eliminating flies on all fronts, at all stages in the fly life cycle. Eliminating immature flies reduces the number of biting, breeding adult flies you have to deal with. No single fly product will solve your fly control problem. You need an overall plan to get rid of flies where they live, feed, and breed. For maximum effectiveness, attack flies on all fronts: on your horse, in the barn, and around outdoor areas.


  • Keep barn swept and clean
  • Dispose of fly breeding material including manure and used bedding
  • Keep stalls, paddocks, and corrals clean and dry

Our team has years of experience and expertise to help you with all your feed needs, from small domestic animals to your livestock feed needs. Give us a call or stop in, we will be happy to find the right feed for your needs.

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