Garmin Alpha 100 & TT15 Collar Bundle

Hillandale Quality Feeds has Garmin Dog Tracking Systems in StockWatching Garmin

The Garmin Alpha 100 & TT15 Collar Bundle is an invaluable tool in the field.  The Garmin Alpha 100 helps you achieve optimum performance from your sporting dogs. It combines proven Garmin GPS dog tracking with Tri-Tronics® electronic dog training technology. This easy-to-use integrated handheld system allows you to track and train your dogs in the field at a range of up to 9 mi away, delivering their exact position as often as every 2.5 seconds.

What’s New in the Garmin ALPHA + TT15 Collar Bundle

The Garmin Alpha collar will update the dog’s location as often as every 2.5 seconds while giving you the ability to instantly control your dog with the training collar – all from one handheld device. The unit is expandable up to 20 dogs and powered by a Lithium-Ion battery giving it the ability to run for up to 34 hours on a single charge

Enjoy more relaxing and productive hunts.

  • Track and train your dog on the same screen from a single handheld unit.
  • One handheld + one collar = less clutter and things to charge.
  • Track your friends’ handhelds.
  • Know when your dog is out of gun range.
  • Know when your dog is running too big BEFORE your dog gets too far out.
  • You will Know BEFORE your dog leaves the property OR gets too close to a highway.
  • Alerted when your dog is on point
  • Alerted when your dog has treed.

Train and Control

Alpha 100 helps you train and control your dogs to stop chasing unwanted game. Easy to access training buttons allow you to communicate separately to each dog through safe and effective features.hunting dog Track Your Dogs

Measure each dog’s speed, distance and the direction being traveled. Plus, receive notifications when a dog is “Treed” or “On Point.” A single Alpha 100 can track up to 20 dogs or fellow hunters by receiving signals from additional Alpha 100 handhelds.


Not just for the Hunting Dog

While the Garmin ALPHA is designed for the hunting dog, many of our customers that don’t hunt but enjoy spending time outdoors with their dogs and allowing them to run off-leash will find the ALPHA incredibly useful.

The Garmin ALPHA 100 & TT15 Collar Bundle is perfect when your dog is not by your side. Hiking, camping, horseback riding or bike riding, the Garmin ALPHA will allow your dogs more freedom but allow you to keep a close eye on them and help you locate them if they get lost. Since the Garmin ALPHA serves as a full-featured handheld GPS unit, it will keep you from getting lost, too.

Hillandale Quality Feeds proudly carries a full line of Garmin Alpha Products include:

  • Garmin Alpha 200i
  • 200i/TT 15 Bundle
  • Field Bag
  • Long-Range Antenna
  • Splitter Cable
  • Drive Track 71 GPA

Hillandale Quality Feed has a full line of pet products, feed, and supplies.  Take your dog training and tracking to the next level with Garmin Alpha Products.

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