Happy Jack Pad Kote

Happy Jack Pad Kote is great for getting your dog’s feet ready for hunting season and treating their pads when needed.Pad Kote

Pad Kote – Great for wound care.

Even the healthiest dogs require wound care from time to time. Especially active dogs. In addition to toughening the pads of your dog’s feet, Happy Jack Pad Kote is also a terrific healing aid for all types of wounds.  It is great for clearing up fungal and bacterial infections of the feet, ears and elsewhere. Try Pad Kote on cuts, abrasions, sores, burns, tender ears and hot spots (moist dermatitis). Promotes skin cell granulation and epithelial growth. No matter what else has failed, we urge you to try Pad Kote.

Your hunting dog may seem invincible, but realistically, their feet are very sensitive! Be careful and cautious when bringing them along for long hunts, and check their paws consistently to keep your hunting dog’s feet pain-free!

Happy Jack Pad Kote is just one of the items Hillandale Quality Feed carries that a hunter may need. We stock Garmin products, dog food for the working dog, collars, and canine supplements.  Stop in and see us, we look forward to seeing you.




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