Backyard Feed Co.

Hillandale Quality Feeds is happy to announce that we are now a proud retailer of Backyard Feed Co.

At Backyard Feed Co. they equally as passionate about producing and distributing the highest quality, organic feed as we are at HQF. They make it available to local farmers and backyard farmers across the country. Having milled their own feed for their 10,000 pastured raised hens at Bethesda Farm for years. Moreover, they understand that what you feed your animals matters. We believe that everyone should have access to fresh, organic food and we are excited to support the organic farmers and wholesalers who work tirelessly to provide for their communities.

Their feeds are always milled fresh to ensure you always have the most nutrient-dense feed for your flock.

Most commercial feeds are months old by the time that they reach your coop.

Backyard Feed Co 18% Grower

Backyard Feed Co 18% Grower Feed Soy-Free Organic, Chick Grower 18% Protein.  Feed as a...

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Backyard Feed Co 20% Starter

Backyard Feed Co 20% Starter Soy-Free Organic, Chick Starter 20%Protein. Feed as a complete Ration...

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