Hillandale Poultry Feed

Hillandale Poultry Feed is where our feed business began. Years ago when our grandfather’s poultry operation needed a good quality bulk feed he began to make his own.

Over the years we have continued to develop a line of poultry feed that meets the demands of the industry.  In addition, we understand that producing quality eggs and meat your birds have to consume a good quality feed.

We manufacture a complete line of poultry feed. Above all, HQF blends ingredients to ensure your birds are healthy and reach their maximum potential.

Our poultry feeds do no just include chickens.  Additionally, we have feeds for all species in your flock including game birds.  That’s right chicks, chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, quail, and more all have feed available at Hillandale Quality Feeds.

In addition to the feeds below we make a 22% and 25% broiler feed, 24 % chick grower and 24% duck starter.

4 Grain Scratch Feed

Feed 4 Grain Scratch Feed from Hillandale Quality Feeds to your backyard Flock. We make...

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28% Quail Starter

Hillandale's 28% Quail Starter is made with the highest quality ingredients. Also, we make sure...

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Poultry Starter Feed

Poultry Starter Feed from Hillandale Quality Feeds is a great choice for your chicks. We...

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17 % Layer Pellet

Feed Layer Pellet Feed from Hillandale Quality Feeds to your backyard Flock. We make our...

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