McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6


Have fly problems in your cattle? Be proactive with natural fly control by providing your cattle with McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6 with Altosid mineral.

To begin with, The McNess Beef Program is designed to provide vitamin and mineral nutrition to all groups of beef cattle. Moreover, all products feature high-quality ingredients, high levels of trace minerals, high levels of vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus. Also, McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6 is available with Alstoid.

For over 100 years, Furst-McNess has delivered customized commercial feed, feed ingredients, and consulting to our clients.
Without a doubt, as a company, they remain committed to high-quality, performance-based feed technologies with the best ingredients.


Bova -Min products feature high levels of available trace minerals to overcome deficiencies and imbalances in pasture and range forages. Vitamin supplementation ensures adequacy during periods when cattle are on hay or stock-piled pastures.  Likewise,  variable phosphorus levels between the products that allow for optimal supplementation with varying forage and soil types. Similarly, designed to provide vitamins and minerals essential to the health and productivity of beef cattle.


McNess Fly Control Bova Beef 6

McNess Bova-Min 6 with fly control is a highly-fortified mineral that contains the fly control technology used in Fescue Fly Force premier. Furthermore, Bova-Min 6 is designed to provided vitamins and minerals essential to the health and productivity of pasture cattle. Specially formulated to result in a palatable product that cattle will consistently consume while on pasture. Moreover, Designed to be fed straight from the bag.

Beef Mineral

Bova Beef 6 with fly control can be fed year-round.

  • Products designed for 3-4 ounce daily consumption.
  • It contains high levels of vitamins and trace minerals.
  • Feed McNess Bova Beef Minerals right from the bag no mixing required.
  • Bova Beef 6 is available with or without Altosid fly control.
  • Essential oils have shown to improve health and decrease parasites.
  • Complete guaranteed tag.  “What’s on the tag is in the bag”.

*Do not feed to sheep or other copper sensitive species.

*Place in a clean, dry feeder near a feed and water source.

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