Molting, what to expect when molting

Its that time of year, cooler weather, shorter days, pumpkin spice, and molting. Each year chickens lose their old feathers and grow new ones.

It can be a stressful time for both chickens and their owners. Below is a quick list to explain what can be expected during a normal molting process.

What to expect when Molting

What to expect when your chickens are molting. You can expect feather loss and new feather growth. Lower egg production. Weight loss and Mood changes, chickens tend to be grumpy during molting. Skin sores or injured feather shafts which can lead to the chickens picking at exposed skin.

 Ways To Help Your Molting Chickens

1. Switch to the highest protein food available at your feed store.
2. Add black oil sunflower seeds to their feed.
3. Add heat to the coop if it’s cold outside.
4. Keep stress down
5. Don’t touch them!

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