Farm & Ranch

In need of a farm or ranch equipment? Hillandale Quality Feeds carries a wide variety of farm & ranch supplies. Most of our farm and ranch supply products are from Tarter manufacturing. Tarter is made in America and its manufacturing process produces some of the world’s best livestock equipment.


Gates and Panels

We keep Tarter’s 6-bar economy galvanized gates and wire filled gates from 4 foot to 16 foot in length. Gates over 16 feet are specially ordered.  Also, 6 bar heavy duty standard corral panels are available.

Kidder panel and walk through

The Kidder Panel and Walk-Thru features are of high quality. Perfect for the containment of kids, calves, and other small animals. Featuring a 5 foot and 10-foot panel and walk-thru are fully interchangeable. Therefore, it allows for maximum versatility and customization. In other words, you can create any size dimension by attaching multiple units.



Goat Creep FeederCreep Feeders. Needing to creep feed calves or kids?  A 12 foot creep feeder panel or a stand-alone creep feeder is at HQF.  The stand-alone creep feeder is 1000 pound capacity. Also, we stock a Goat Creep Feeder. This 650-lb. capacity creep feeder allows for a continuous free flow of feed. The adjustable height bar can be moved up and down or removed completely so you can choose what size kids can enter the cage.  In addition, a feed control band is standard and the sliding lid provides a dual handle for easy loading of feed.

Bunk Feeders. A 5-foot and 10-foot economy bunk feeders are in inventory.  They are lightweight and easy to move.bunk feeder farm and ranch supplies The poly bunk liner promises years of dependability, however, it is replaceable if needed. Bunks are made with a tubular, long-lasting steel frame.  Furthermore, there is an optional galvanized V-design steel hay rack.

Mineral Feeder. Feeding mineral?  The Ground Level Bull Mineral Feeder is easily portable. A weatherproof poly lid protects the mineral in all weather conditions. It’s durable to impact, heat, and cold. The Bull Mineral Feeder’s capacity is 150-pounds. Features smooth edges for safety and a low profile to prevent tipping.


Hay Feeders

Hay Feeders. Tarter’s Galvanized Cradle Bale Feeder helps keep round bales off of the ground.  Above all, they minimize hay waste and reduces feed costs.  In addition, there’s a removable gate on one end for easy loading.  It’s made with skids for transport around the farm and ranch.

Hay Rings. The Cattle Galvanized Bale Feeder is designed for feeding hay to smaller livestock under 600 pounds. This lightweight yet durable hay ring is eight feet in diameter.  However, it is not recommended for horses.

Also, we stock the S-Bar heavy-duty hay ring. Engineered to withstand the harshest environments and herds of all sizes. S-bar design prevents calves from getting inside the feeder.


Water Troughs

Stock Tanks.  We keep heavy-duty galvanized stock tanks in 40, 100, and 170-gallon oval sizes. We gladly special order other oval sizes or any of the round size tanks. Furthermore, these stock tanks are rust-resistant coating on the steel.

Small animal transporter

Animal Containment

Small Animal Transporter. Tarter’s Small Animal Transporter is high quality galvanized steel. This ensures years of reliable, worry-free use. Ideal for transporting small animals including pets, calves and other small livestock in virtually any truck bed.

Dog Kennel.  The Elite Dog Kennel is sturdy, spacious, safe and secure. Made of heavy 8-gauge wire and thick tubing. This ensures your kennel looks great and last a long time, the galvanized steel has a powder-coated finish. This guards against corrosion or the gnawing of sharp teeth.

When you want the best outdoor solution for keeping your dogs, chickens, or even your bunnies safe and secure from predators, Tarter’s Elite Dog Kennel is your choice.

It’s easy to expand the kennel. Add on with six-by-five and six-by-ten side panels, and an optional two-door front panel. Our lockable two-way latches are animal proof, yet make it a breeze for you to enter and exit.

Horse Stalls. We do not keep horse stalls in stock, however, the special order option of Priefert horse stalls.

Hillandale can special order many different farm and ranch products. Stop into our Lake Butler location or contact us for more information. We look forward to seeing you.