grainsHillandale Quality Feeds has deep roots in the grain and commodities business. We understand that producers want clean, wholesome, top quality grains. That’s why we strive to consistently provide those to our customers.

Bulk is available on some of our grains. There is a one-ton minimum and is noted beside the grains that are available in bulk below.

Available Grains:

• Corn (bulk available)
• Clean Corn (bulk available)
• Cracked Corn (bulk available)
• HQF Whole Oats (bulk available)
• Oats
• Soybean Meal (bulk available)
• Beet Pulp
• Cottonseed Meal
• Whole Flax Seed
• Ground Flax Seed
• Soybeans Feed (special order only)

Contact us if you are looking for a particular grain that is not listed above. We are always happy to place special orders for our customers.




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