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Sheep and Goat Feed The health of your sheep & goats is important to us. That’s why Hillandale Quality Feed carries high-quality manufacturers of sheep & goat feed. Hillandale Quality Feed manufactures a textured goat feed, designed to be fed as a maintenance feed for your goats.

In addition to our goat feed, we carry mixes of goat feed from Nutrena.

Nutrena sheep and goat feeds help support a complete, nutritious diet, so the farm animals you’re raising can live long productive lives. They’re just the thing to balance a foraging diet.

boer goatsIn Florida, goats are raised for meat, milk or showing.  Sheep are raised for wool, meat, or show. Whether you’re running a small hobby farm or a commercial operation, we have the expertise you need for your sheep and goats nutrition.

Both sheep and goats are highly susceptible to worms and parasites. Our hot, moist climate requires worming more than other parts of the country.  We carry several liquid de-wormers that can be effective when used as recommended.

Stop into our Lake Butler location or contact us for more information. We’ll gladly help you find the best goat feed to suit your needs.

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