Poultry Feed & Supplies

Our grandfather started a feed mill years ago due to the need for quality bulk poultry feed for our family’s poultry operation.

At Hillandale Quality Feeds we understand that producing quality eggs and meat your birds have to consume the quality feed. That’s why we are focused on providing the highest quality poultry feed & supplies to keep your backyard flock happy and healthy.

We manufacture a complete line of poultry feed, with the perfect blend of ingredients to ensure your birds are healthy and reach their maximum potential.
In addition to our own locally milled feeds, we carry poultry feed and supplies from Mid-South and Cargill.

Our poultry feeds do not just include chickens. We have feeds for all species in your flock including game birds. Chicks, chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, quail, and more all have feeds available at Hillandale Quality Feeds.

We also have chicken grit, oyster shell, probiotics, electrolytes, de-wormers, egg turners, and egg cartons. You will find a nice selection of poultry feeders and waters at HQF in a variety of sizes. We have poultry treats, and scratch gains as well.

Come see us at Hillandale Quality feeds for all your poultry and game bird feeds and supplies.

Hillandale Quality Feeds is located in Lake Butler, Florida. We work hard to provide high-quality feed to the community. Stop in today and speak with one of our expert staff.




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