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Hillandale Quality Feeds is proud to announce that we are now an Authorized Seminole Feed Dealer. Come by Hillandale Quality Feed to learn more about the Seminole Horse Feed products.Seminole Wolds Best Equine Feed

Seminole Feed focuses on Horse Nutrition and uses a fixed formulation for making all feeds.


Seminole Feeds use only the finest ingredients with strict quality control measures when making horse feeds and supplements. Because of the superior formulations and the high quality and digestibility of Seminole horse feeds, they can typically be fed at smaller amounts than other products on the market.

This allows the horse to consume less grain and more forage, ensuring a healthier digestive system. Seminole Horse Feeds will provide your horse with the nutrients they need to stay healthy.


 Feeds in Stock


Seminole Wellness:Seminole Wellness Apple & Oat Treat
  • Senior Mix Textured
  • Show & Sport Textured
  • Equi-Safe Chopped Forage
  • Apple & Oat Wellness Treats


Seminole Feed
  • Exacta 12 Textured
  • Exacta 14 Textured
  • Profecta 12 Pellet
  • Profecta 14 Pellet
  • Ultra Bloom Extruded Pellets 40lb
  • Grass Balancer 25lb
  • Molasses Liquid 5 gallon

If you have any questions about this product or any of our other products, please stop by or give us a call.

We will be happy to help find just the right feed for your horse’s needs.

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