Seminole Wellness

Seminole Wellness

Seminole Wellness is a complete line of scientifically formulated, low-starch premium horse feeds. Moreover, in the early 1990s, Seminole Feed® began researching the benefits of low- starch equine feeds.  Furthermore, research shows that low-starch horse feeds are a better choice for hyperactivity. Also, they are beneficial with laminitis and colic, and tying-up. In addition, aid in developmental orthopedic diseases, and metabolic disorders. Commonly associated with diets high in non-structural carbohydrates. Beneficial nutrients and additives in Seminole Wellness® horse feed include:running horse

Corn-Free: Minimizing the risk associated with high starch intake

Vitamin & Mineral Fortified: Meets NRC recommended vitamins and minerals when fed as directed

Antioxidants: Zinc, Manganese, Copper and organically derived Selenium yeast coupled with Vitamin E function to protect cells against the effects of free radicals

Ultra Bloom®: Stabilized rice bran which provides additional calories in a highly palatable, easy-to-chew pellet

Low NSC: Reduced concentrations of cereal grains, to enable feeding of horses with carbohydrate sensitivities

Yeast Culture: Provides pre-and probiotic properties to improve fiber digestibility and support gut health

Chelates: Increase the bioavailability of minerals to support metabolic functions

Highly Digestible Proteins: Supplying essential amino acids, including,  Lysine, Methionine & Threonine, from alfalfa and soybean meal, which create quality protein for tissue growth and repair

Extremely Digestible Fats: Soy, rice bran & flaxseed provide a rich source of fat for energy, reducing the reliance on starch & sugar

Very Digestible Fibers: Calories sourced from high digestible fibers like soy hulls, alfalfa, and beet pulp, are ideal for ulcer-prone or carb sensitive horses

Herbal Formulas: Enhanced with nine all-natural herbs providing an irresistible aroma and exquisite flavor to satisfy even the finickiest eaters (Wellness Calm & Cool®, Wellness Herbal Blend™, Wellness Senior Mix®)

Seminole Feed Dealer

Hillandale Quality Feed stocks other Seminole horse feeds in addition to the Seminole Wellness line.

Furthermore, Our team has years of experience and expertise to help you with all your feed needs, from small domestic animals to your livestock feed needs. Give us a call or stop in, we will be happy to find the right feed for your needs.

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