Spring Chicks

Spring Chicks Its that time of year, time to start those Spring Chicks off right. Hillandale Quality Feeds is your baby chick headquarters. We have everything you need in order to raise healthy chickens.

At Hillandale Quality Feeds we understand that producing quality eggs and meat your birds have to consume the quality feed. That’s why we are focused on providing the highest quality poultry feed & supplies to keep your backyard flock happy and healthy.

We manufacture a complete line of poultry feed, with the perfect blend of ingredients to ensure your birds are healthy and reach their maximum potential.

Starting off rightPoultry Starter feed

Spring Chicks grow at an amazing rate in the first few weeks of life, and it’s critical for their healthy development that they’re fed a properly balanced chick food, known as “starter feed”.

Feed Poultry Starter Feed from Hillandale Quality Feeds to your backyard Flock. We make our Poultry feed with the highest quality ingredients to keep your backyard flock happy and healthy.

It is very important that you provide the right kind of feed for your baby chicks. You do not want to feed them the same food as your adult chickens, it’s too high in calcium and too low in protein.  Since Chicks grow so quickly they need more protein than your older chickens.


They Grow Up So Fast

Chickens need a different balance of proteins, fats, and minerals at different stages of their life. Not giving the right food at the right time will cause health problems.

Keep your baby chicks on starter feed until about 8 weeks. At which point they need to be switched over to a grower feed. You should ideally start switching them over by mixing 50% starter feed with  50 % grower feed for a couple of weeks. This will ensure a smooth change in diet for the chicks.

Starting around 18 weeks of age, or when the first egg is laid, whichever comes first, switch over to Layer Feed. Moreover, Layer feeds are designed to provide optimum nutrition for birds laying eggs for consumption. HQF’s Layer feeds contain 17% protein and have increased levels of Calcium, for proper shell development.



Baby Chicks are messy eaters. They kick food all over the place, which can lead to waste. Hillandale Quality Feeds has an assortment of chicken feeders and waterers for you to choose from.

Did you know that chickens instinctively want to peck at anything that is the color red?  Most chick feeders and waterers are red to encourage eating and drinking.

Stop into Hillandale Quality Feeds located in Lake Butler, Florida or contact us for more information. We’re happy to help you find the right feed for your poultry and backyard flock. Be sure to check out our full selection of poultry feed and grains, including Nutrena, here.

We work hard to provide high-quality feed to the community. Stop in today and speak with one of our expert staff.

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