Vita Charge Stress Tubs

Vita Charge Stress Tubs support digestive health and promote feed and water intake during times of stress and recovery.Vita Charge Stress Tub

Users find them very helpful during weaning and transitioning calves to feed. All Vita Charge products provide a powerful dose of vitamins, B vitamins and the Amaferm® advantage for those stressful times when livestock needs protection or assistance in recovery.

A cooked tub for beef cattle that supports digestive health and promotes feed and water intake during times of stress and recovery. Conveniently allows beef cattle to get their daily dose of Vita Charge® without additional handling.


Charge Stress tubs provide an extremely convenient way to protect animals during stress. Formulated to help animals recover quickly. It does not interfere with antibiotics.



It contains Amaferm® and MOS to support the ability to recover from the effects of stress. Amaferm to combat stress resulting in the increased intake and nutrient digestion. MOS to trap bad bacteria limiting their ability to do harm. Includes organic Zinc, the antioxidant Vitamin E and B vitamins.


Amaferm® is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is a research-proven to combat stress by supporting the animal’s own immune system, significantly increasing intake and nutrient utilization.

Hillandale Quality Feeds stocks 50 pound Vita Charge Stress Tubs and can special order larger size.
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