Producing the perfect blend of grains and commodities to provide the best nutrition at affordable pricing.

Hillandale Quality Feeds

Welcome to Hillandale Quality Feeds.Hillandale Quality Feeds

Located just off State Road 121 in Lake Butler, Florida is family owned and operated Hillandale Quality Feeds. Built on the ideals of producing the perfect blends of grains and commodities. Our feeds are developed to provide the best nutrition for animals to reach their potential. HQF has feeds for growing, breeding, performance as well as maintenance.

We strive to make sure each customer has the nutrition needed for their animals.  If you need a custom blend for a specific program we will be happy to blend it.  We can also work with you to add specific things you need to some of our mixes to change the results for specific situations.

Just as seasons change with the weather, animals have different requirements at different stages in there life.  In addition, animals’ nutritional needs change depending on the time of year. Let us help to ensure that your animal’s nutritional needs are met.

We would like to welcome you to Hillandale Quality Feeds, stop by and visit our retail store.  You will find animal health, pet, fly control, ropes, and equine supplies.




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